This scholarship was first awarded in 2001 in remembrance of Anne Hammill, a SPANner to Finland in 1957. Ms. Hammill's interests lay in the fields of agriculture and applied economics. In the course of her career, she worked for the US Department of Agriculture, the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of Management and Budget, and the General Services Administration. Preference for this scholarship will be given to University of Minnesota students in the fields of applied economics and agriculture. The amount awarded to students in the Applied Economics Department is $700.00. Other awarded amounts vary depending on availability of funds.

Eligibility and Requirements

Interest in the fields of applied economics or agriculture or demonstration of the spirit and ideals of SPAN


- Completion of the full SPAN Financial Aid Application, including completion of a signed financial resources disclosure and budget.


Please submit a typed 1-2 page statement addressing the following:
- What is the value of international education for you and for students in general?
- Why did you choose the SPAN program?
- Why have you decided to travel to your prospective country?

Please also submit a 1-2 typed statement addressing the following:
- What influenced your choice of economics or agriculture as a major/interest?
- In what ways does your proposed project focus on aspects of applied economics or agriculture?

- If you do not meet the above criteria, please address:
o The ways in which you have gone beyond the basic expectations of SPAN
o How does your intended project reflect the ideals and spirit of Ms. Hammill and SPAN?

Other Requirements
Recipients must write thank you letters to the sponsors of the Anne E. Hammill Memorial Scholarship, the family and friends of Ms. Hammill.