The Lunds were SPANers in 1950, Janet to England and Dean to Sweden. Since that time they have maintained a strong commitment to the continued success of the SPAN program. Mrs. Lund acts as a board member, Mr. Lund as an alternate. This scholarship of 500.00 is awarded to students who display ideals and hopes similar to those of the Lunds. This scholarship also focuses on students with demonstrated financial need.

Eligibility and Requirements


- Completion of the full SPAN Financial Aid Application, including completion of    a signed financial resources disclosure and budget.


Please submit a typed 1-2 page statement addressing the following:
- What is the value of international education for you and for students in general?
- In what ways do you demonstrate the ideals of the Lunds:
o Commitment to education
o Devotion to cross-cultural understanding
- How will this scholarship assist you in meeting your goals?
- Any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance, beyond what is mentioned in the financial resources disclosure.

Other Requirements

Recipient must write thank you letters to Janet and Dean Lund.