This scholarship is sponsored by Dr. JoAnne Buggey, SPANner to Scotland in 1959. Following her SPAN experience, Dr. Buggey was a fixture of the University's College of Education and Human Development for 31 years. She has devoted her life to elementary education and the training of new educators. This scholarship is in the amount  of 500.00  and is awarded to students in the field of education and human development or those who exemplify the personality, goals and values of Joanne Buggey.

Eligibility and Requirements

Intended research in education or human development or demonstration of the values of Joanne Buggey:
         - Determination to experience study abroad
         - Devotion to cross-cultural discovery


-          Completion of the full SPAN Financial Aid Application, including completion of a signed financial resources disclosure and budget.


Please submit a typed 1-2 page statement addressing the following:

-          What influenced your choice of education or human development as a major/interest?

-          In what ways does your proposed project focus on education or human development?

-          If you do not meet the above criteria, please address:

  • How do you expect that this experience will affect your academic and career goals?
  • What is the value of international education for you, for students in general, and for the world-wide community?
  • How does your intended project involve and encourage cross-cultural discovery?

Other Requirements

Recipients must write thank you letters to Dr. Buggey.