Mr. Lindstrom has established this scholarship in remembrance of his 1954 SPAN experience in Turkey. The intent of the scholarship is to provide many succeeding generations of SPANners with the same opportunity. Preference is given to students in the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science, then to students in the College of Human Ecology, and finally, to any qualified SPAN student. The amount of this scholarship is $500.00.


- Completion of a signed financial resources disclosure
- A copy of a current academic transcript (unofficial copies permissible)
- An essay of no more than four pages answering the following questions:

1. Introductory Information
- Name
- Current address and phone number
- Permanent address and phone number
- College and year
- Major/minor

2. Study Project Information
- Proposed title of project
- Country in which project will take place
- What it is that you hope to learn from this project
- Intended outline of the project (intended method for preparing for this project, intended sources for learning about the topic before and during travel, intended cities and regions, intended research methods, etc
- What past experience prepares you for this project
- Why you want to study the proposed topic and how it relates to your future goals

Other Requirements:

Recipients must write thank-you letters to John D. Lindstrom.