How to organize a reunion

Would you love to see your SPAN group members? You are not alone!  We get inquiries at the SPAN office about finding group members to try to have a reunion.  

Here is how to get started. 


 1. Contact members of your group with a survey. Get their ideas about having a reunion – when, where and what to do (see this sample survey). 


Here is what we can do to help:

Our practice is to share contact information (addresses, emails and phone numbers) with members of the same group - country and year.  Send a letter to the office or email a request to and we will send you the contact information that we have for your group (except when a SPANner has asked us not to share his/her information).

2.  Summarize the feedback and offer some proposals about when and where to meet.

One or two options will seem to make sense for the group. Share those with everyone and see what works for the majority. 

3. Agree on a plan!

Once you agree on a time and place, the fun begins!  Ask people to plan food, programs and activities.  Be sure to allow lots of time for reminiscing!  


4. Share your memories and enjoy yourselves! 

The Reflection section of the Reunion Survey is a great way to get people caught up with each other.  



Have you recently had a SPAN reunion? We want to know about it! Please submit pictures and other information to!

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