2013 SPAN groups home from France and South Africa

Watch the SPAN Facebook page for photos and blogs from France and South

Africa during Summer 2013. www.facebook.com/spanalumni


Below is the South Africa group, with a map of the country. Dr. Andrew Carlson, the group's

advisor, at center back, meets regularly with (from left), Alyssa Banks, Felicia Wilson, Becky

Lietzau, Rachel Scarfone, and Michelle Weiss. Michelle attends the University of Minnesota; Dr. Carlson

teaches at Metro State University, where the other students are enrolled.



Below, the 2013 France group uses Skype technology for their planning meetings. Seated at left is the group's advisor, Dr. Kim Munholland, University of Minnesota emeritus professor of history. Students in the room are, from left, Jacqueline Stein, Camille Lizama, and Peter Clausen. On the computer screen (and in the separate photo) is Leah Rogotzke, who is a graduate student at the University of Jordan.

Leah Rogotzke


2012 SPANners to Great Britain and Russia

The research topics of the 2012 SPANners are diverse.

In Russia, they include youth organizations, human rights in post-Soviet Russia,
the Moscow Circus, Empress Anna Ivanovna, Volga Germans in the 1930s, Father
Aleksandr Men', and the post-Soviet generation and the Internet.

Topics of the Great Britain SPANners are the Elgin Marbles and the British Museum,
the 1970s Punk Rock movement and related cultural issues, Ralph Vaughan
Williams and 20th Century composition, the British navy and museum sites,
and women’s devotion and participation in the late medieval English church.

In addition to their research, the students also meeting new friends and
traveling in their host countries.


The 2012 Russia group posed by the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in
St. Petersburg. It was built on the site of the assassination of Emperor
Alexander II in 1881. They are, from left, Alyssa Hertig, Alex Gilliland, Robin
Arruza, Patrick Kinville, Alec Albright, Tim McDonald, and Dan Osborne.

Four members of the Great Britain group posed with their advisor, Jack Miller,
in red sweater, outside Trinity Church in London. The SPANners are
Irene Hamlin, Cara Berger, Matt Hagestuen, and Zach Laskaris.
Kay Leeman (below) is shown earlier by Westminster Cathedral.

m A


Cara Berger visits Portsmouth, England.

The family of Robin Aruzza's new Russian friend welcomes her into their home.


Here Alyssa Hertig and her Russian friend Camille take a carriage ride through Kalomenkoye.

Two groups ready to go on SPAN this summer

SPAN groups are now formed for 2012 research visits to Great Britain and Russia. Twelve students from several colleges (7 for Russia and 5 for Great Britain) are getting acquainted, focusing their research projects, and making contacts in the host countries.

Great Britain: From left, Irene Hamlin, U of M; Jack Miller, Normandale College, Advisor; Matt Hagestuen, Northwestern College; Kay Leeman, U of M; Zach Laskaris, Beloit College. They are shown in the SPAN library, among the research papers from students dating back to 1947.


 Also going to Great Britain: Cara Berger, U of M.



Russia, standing left to right: Matt Miller, Northwestern College, Advisor; Alec Albright, U of M; Patrick Kinville, U of M; Daniel Osborne, U of M; Alex Gilliland, U of M; Tim McDonald, U of M.

Seated left to right: Robin Arruza, U of M; Hannah Lambert, Northwestern College (no longer in the program); Alyssa Hertig, U of M.



Watch this space for more on the students' projects and preparations!



Great Britain, 2012

London, a diverse and thriving capital rich in culture, tradition, and history is a city of 12 million within a day's travel of many other British destinations. An important trading center since Roman times, London has witnessed over 1400 years of global history. Many libraries, 900-year old universities, countless archives and museums of every sort invite your individual research and exploration.

Russia, 2012

Moscow is a multi-ethnic capital of 10 million people in the world's (geographically) largest country. It has been the scene of countless political, historic, artistic and cultural transformations: Mongol invasions, Catherine the Great, the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalinist Gothic architecture, Constructivist art movement, avant garde film and contemporary fashion just to name a few. We are looking forward to exploring the fascinating history and surprising present-day innovations of this exciting, cosmopolitan country.