This fund was established in 1991 in memory of Ruth Elliff, a SPANner to Colombia in 1950. Ruth was the first salaried executive secretary for the SPAN program (1951). After her experience with SPAN, she served as an intern at the United Nations and a deputy staff chief at the Central Intelligence Agency. SPAN has received a generous gift from the family of Ruth Elliff to provide a scholarship available for all SPAN students.

The Elliff Scholarship must be returned if the student’s research paper is not completed.

Eligibility and Requirements

The amount of this award varies according to funding received during the applicable academic year. It is available to all participating students. The full award of this scholarship is dependent on active participation in the program and completion of the scholarship essay. Participation includes:

- Attendance at all four SPAN days and at the spring banquet
- Completion of thirty total hours of office assistance
- Assistance with the annual Phone-a-thon
- Completion of research paper


- Completion of the full SPAN Financial Aid Application, including completion of a signed financial resources disclosure and budget.
- Signed and notarized SPAN Elliff Scholarship Guaranty

Please submit a typed 1-2 page statement addressing the following:

- Briefly explain your research topic.
- What influenced your choice of topic?
- Explain what techniques and methods you plan to use in conducting your research.
- What is the importance of inter-cultural contact in researching your topic?

Scholarship Reversal Policy:

The Ruth Elliff Memorial Scholarship is dependent on completion of the SPAN paper. In the event that the SPAN paper is not completed by the due date, or an extended due date agreed upon by the adviser and the SPAN office, the student must repay the full amount of the scholarship to the SPAN program.