Student Application

Accepting applications for Armenia & Georgia and for Germany now!

Acceptance into the SPAN program is based upon your completed application, past academic performance, two recommendations, and interviews with the faculty advisor for your intended destination and/or SPAN staff members. Your proposed research project is also considered.

Student Project for Amity among Nations (SPAN)
774 Social Sciences--267 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455  --   612/626-1083

Please include the following:
•    University of Minnesota Learning Abroad/SPAN application (signature required)

•    Personal statement (250 words) explaining:
     a)    Why you want to participate in SPAN
     b)    Your particular interest in your selected destination
     c)    Three possible research project topics
     d)    Language proficiency and other information applicable to learning abroad  

•    Transcript.  An unofficial copy from the registrar is acceptable.

•    A sample of your writing that was prepared for another class and graded.

•    Two (2) letters of recommendation. At least one should be an academic reference from an instructor familiar with your abilities.